African Agriculture
and MSMEs

The vision behind Saba

Tech-Powered Logistics for African Agriculture and Trade

Saba is a cutting-edge tech enabled logistics company that is revolutionizing the way farmers and Micro small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) connect with consumers and enterprises. Our innovative platform leverages technology to streamline the supply chain and enable interregional and intra-African commerce.

Our goal is to empower farmers and MSMEs to access new markets and reach a wider customer base, while also providing consumers with access to affordable, high-quality, locally-sourced products. We believe that this will have a positive impact on the economy and communities throughout Africa.

We understand that the key to successful trade is a robust infrastructure, and we are dedicated to building the necessary infrastructure to create an ecosystem that supports growth and development. We are committed to working with farmers, MSMEs, and larger enterprises to develop solutions that will make this happen soon.

By leveraging technology and building infrastructure, Saba aims to create a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for all stakeholders, supporting growth and development in African communities.

Our Platforms

Building Bridges for Agri-Trade

At Saba, we believe that partnerships are the cornerstone of progress and growth. We are committed to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners.

Our Products

Solving Africa's Trade Challenges with Saba

Saba addresses the problem of multiple middlemen in the African agricultural and trade industry, which lowers income for farmers and increases costs for consumers. This is caused by a lack of efficient and transparent supply chain infrastructure.

Saba aims to solve this by creating a tech-enabled logistics solution that connects farmers and MSMES directly with, enterprises, and consumers, eliminating intermediaries and creating a more efficient and transparent supply chain to increase income for farmers and decrease costs for consumers.

Our Platform